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Playa Copal

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Cometa Copal kite school

Liz’s restaurant would have been a find on any trendy high street back home. Watching an incredibly cute baby skunk wandering through the dining room was just another surprise bonus of our stay in Playa Copal. There a handful of villas perch on the hillside looking across Bahai Salinas to Nicaragua. Apparently “Villa Simone, Playa Copal” is a typical address in Costa Rica and the directions had been simple, drive up the Trans-America highway, turn left down the hill when you reach La Cruz and then take the dirt road around the bay. There we discovered small clusters of houses where the fans of this area have moved in over the last decade to the bewilderment of the most of the locals. First you pass La Sandia run by a French Canadian, then a few kilometers later you reach Blue Dream run by an Italian and finally you reach Playa Copal where every season Bob Selfridge sets up shop under a tree on the beach. For month after month in the dry season a regular cross-on wind storms across the water to create a kitesurfing mecca that draws a growing crowd of travellers from across the globe. The choppy water and sometimes gusty wind can make for challenging conditions but almost the only thing that stops riders is occasional days when the wind gets too strong for even the smallest kite. Even with more moderate conditions I was happy riding with a 7m even though some people were using larger kites. Bouncing over the chop I struggled to keep even a semblance of good posture and watched with unquenchable envy the jumps and smooth turns of more experienced riders.


Written by zantine

January 27, 2010 at 5:02 pm